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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

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Umm, the Romulans were left behind because they were "caught off guard" (and made timid by the corbomite bluff), not necessarily because they would have been slower than warp eight. There would be no point in a chase at warp nine because it only takes seconds for the hero ship to clear the Neutral Zone.
They did give chase.
SPOCK: The Romulans were caught off guard, Captain. They're falling behind.
The Enterprise at Warp 8 is faster than whatever the BOP's top speed is, IMO.

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But there originally was a distinct capacity for stopping the warping starship - and that doesn't dictate an upper performance limit on the Romulans, either, even when it does a lower one.
Considering that the Commodore never ordered the Enterprise to accelerate to Warp 8 to escape the attack, we'll never know if the Romulans could've maintained position with the Enterprise. What we do know is that the Romulans had no trouble keeping up with the Enterprise at Warp 5 and that the Enterprise needed time to gather up emergency power to accelerate to Warp 8.
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