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Re: TrekCore: "Important News about DS9 in HD Coming May 10"

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First assumption if they do them at all is that we get the TNG process.

But DS9 is vastly harder to do then TNG on fx work pre CGI. The amount of model based fx is huge compared to TNG. Not only did they do more complex shots but shots we far, far more models, that means far more individual elements.

That alone will increase the cost to CBS. Thats without even getting to CGI issues.
First of all, I wasn't referring to the model shots. I was referring to the CGI fleet shots from seasons 6 and 7. But on the subject of the former, why would upconverting the original fx increase CBS's cost? It's working for TNG just fine. And as for the latter...

As for the CGI, in seasons 6 - 7. By the time seasons 6 - 7 comes up CBS might very seriously just upscale those fx, and figure that we got you to purchase the first five seasons, the next two your going to buy even if the FX are just upscaled because you are still going to get a the vast bulk of material (the live action) in HD.

Frankly unless they can find the stored files for all episodes, I truly can't see them trying to accurately recreate several large scale episodes of DS9.

If they find that all those files are saved, would they pony up to the corrent holders of them, so they could use them? Or are the holders of them going to try to get the work farmed out to them? Would CBS be willing to do so? I honestly don't know.

Now I would hope that if the materials can be found that CBS would make it happen even if that meant farming those shots back out to those who hold them (or the companies if either still exist).

But it certainly wouldn't surprise me to see CBS just upscale the CGI side of things.
If the original CGI fleet shots can't be upconverted, then it can't be upconverted. Simple as that. That's why Babylon 5 is not on bluray. They'd have to go back and redo the CGI VFX for every single episode of that series. And CBS is not going to sell blurays with shitty-looking CGI just because the first five seasons were relatively CGI-free.

As for DS9, if it turns out that upconversion is not possible, then those CGI fleet shots will have to be redone. The point I was making is that there's no reason why the new CGI fleet shots would have to match the old footage. As long as the Defiant is in there, they could create all new ship models if they so desired. The issue I had was that one of the original VFX personnel stated that he still had all the CGI ship models stored on his computer so that they could reuse them when and if DS9 ever gets the HD treatment.
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