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Photo editing question

I am working on my first fan-fiction, just for fun. The ship in my story is an Excelsior-refit type like the U.S.S. Lakota from DS9 "Paradise Lost". Just for fun I created some cover art. I am not good at photo editing, but I have some photo's I found online of the Lakota model from the Christie's auction. I want to turn everything but the ship black. I have been using a black bush and progressively reducing the size of the brush as I blow it up. I tried to use the paint bucket, but sometimes it goes into the parts I don't want it to. I downloaded GIMP, but I am new to it and I find it easier to use Irfanview. Is there an easier way to cut out the ship? I want to do it to several images and use them as cover art for each of the follow up stories. I also want to change the name and registry number of the ship and I have downloaded fonts that look right. Any tips would be appreciated.
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