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Re: Other planetary unions other than the Federation

bbjeg wrote: View Post
Are there any? Why does it feel like only the federation thought of that Idea. Romulans and Cardassians would make a good union. At a flip of a coin they may join your side or back stab you.
The Romulans and Cardassians are each highly xenophobic and have difficulty trusting any race other than their own. An alliance between the two powers likely wouldn't last long.

R. Star wrote: View Post
Eh, given both the Cardassians and Romulans were highly xenophobic, I'd say a union is out of the line. Precisely for the same reason they're so similar at times, they're treacherous and expect treachery as the norm. So trust is out of the question. At best you're going to get collaborations like Tain and the Tal Shiar's incursion.
It also doesn't make sense for powers separated by such a significant interstellar distance to form a collaborative agreement, as each side would have difficulty forming appropriate trade routes and supply lines with its counterpart.

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post
The First Federation (Balok) and the Nyberrite Alliance (Tekeny Ghemor once mentioned them - he said they were always eager to hire experienced officers for their fleet) tend to spring to mind.
Worf said that because he was considering a position with their organization after leaving Starfleet in "The Way of the Warrior."

R. Star wrote: View Post
It was Worf who mentioned the Nyberite Alliance actually in Way of the Warrior. He was going to hire on to one of their ships when he quit Starfleet. They were a group I was hoping we'd hear more about.
Beat me to it.

publiusr wrote: View Post
I always thought the Xindi were a proto-type Federation of sorts.
The Xindi were a single species with several sub-species who had evolved sentience, not an organization composed of races hailing from multiple planets.

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