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Re: STID "tracking" for $85-90 million opening [U.S. box office]

JarodRussell wrote: View Post
And I remember fondly the days when people cared about the content of a film and if they personally liked it, and not if that content appealed to a majority of other people.
Do you really want new Treks to play in poky little "art house" cinemas?

It's still kinda disappointing to me that the one ST film that "spoke" to the inner Trekkie within me, in December 1979, was ST:TMP - and yet when I tried to discuss it with diehard Trek fans, friends, work colleagues or family members, they dismissed as being slow and boring or "not real Star Trek". I wanted to chat Trek and had to live with naysayers telling me I didn't know quality.

I "personally liked" TMP, but it seemed like its content had NOT "appealed to a majority of other people". Devastating! And TMP was a huge financial success? It seemed to me, at the time, that the only reason 60s TOS fans even went to see TMP (often over and over!) was because TOS wasn't running on TV.

Later, as much as "ST IV: The Voyage Home" would often be touted as the "crowd pleaser" Trek movie - another huge money spinner for the franchise, I well remember longstanding members of our club walking away from all of Star Trek fandom grumbling about "the dumbing down of the franchise". And then came TNG, to spook off even more. Luckily, their absence was quickly overwhelmed by brand new, often younger, fans racing to take their place.

Our club would have died a fast death without waves of new, entusiastic people discovering the next new Trek, then investigating previous Treks from their unique perspectives.

But without commercial appeal you get... ST V. Or "Nemesis".
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