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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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I really wouldn't try to look for consistency or sense in this. Clearly the filmmakers prefer composition over consistency, in every aspect of filmmaking, from writing to filming to editing.
I'd be more inclined to take this seriously if you weren't using something as silly as the slightly inconsistent size of a window to make your point. That doesn't exactly bode well for the quality of the rest of your complaints.


Inconsistencies in Trek didn't originate with and aren't exclusive to JJ Abrams and his team.
Difference is that those inconsistencies span over several episodes and films, sometimes meaning different creative teams. But the Abramstrek films are inconsistent within themselves.

And I don't even think that's negative. They prefer style over continuity, why not? But I just wouldn't look for consistency (and fight battles over it) where none is.

Oh and I wasn't the one talking about the bridge window, that was King Daniel Into Darkness.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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