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Re: OT: TrekBBS, tell me about Doctor Who novels.

Steve Roby wrote: View Post
There's a small number of novels published as standard size hardcovers that are more adult-oriented, but there's maybe half a dozen or so and they're not all 9 and up. They tend to be written by bigger SF names from outside the tie-in world -- Michael Moorcock, Stephen Baxter, Alastair Reynolds, etc.
I love Moorcock's The Coming of the Terraphiles. It's a book you either love or hate. I don't know anyone who's indifferent about it.

I have the Baxter and Reynolds books, but I haven't yet read them. (Baxter, because I was in the middle of moving when it came out. Reyonds, because I just got it.)

I recommend Jenny Colgan's Dark Horizons highly. Colgan is best known for her "chick-lit," but don't let that scare you away. She wrote a very enjoyable pseudohistorical with Vikings and Scots on the Isle of Lewis in the 12th-century who have to deal with an alien invasion -- and a mysterious traveler in a tweed jacket and a bowtie who just might be Loki. There's one historical detail in the book that Colgan gets wrong (the Lewis chess sets don't have rooks, they have warders), but I can overlook that. It's a lovely book, and the ending makes me teary.
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