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Re: My Greatest Trek Fantasy

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Allow me my dream, though it will never come to fruition, and undoubtedly it's been thought of before:

A "Next Gen" trilogy of feature-length films featuring the cast of TNG, DS9, and VOY (as crotchety as they are) which would further the cannon and succinctly tie up the Next Gen franchise and (perhaps) lay the groundwork for a new "post gen" series down the road.

Each movie would concentrate on a different setting TNG enterprise, DS9, Voyager, but with an intertwined plot (A Borg-dominion alliance, perhaps). As we will never see another production with these characters, it could be action-packed, though not Abrams-style. The Sisko returns, some characters die off, we get to see interaction between characters from all three Next Gen shows. Mr. JJ can stay the hell away from this, as it will be CLASSIC trek format (though I am not a huge JJ hater or anything).

What do you think? Wouldn't that be awesome? Of course it will never happen, but it COULD happen.
For anyone who reads Star Trek novels, the Typhon Pact series offers a scenario somewhat similar to this, as it features characters from multiple television series. I'll avoid saying anything further for those of you who haven't yet read these books, but I would definitely recommend them if you have the chance: they're fascinating and definitely worth reading.

Back to the matter at hand, a film featuring multiple television casts is an interesting idea, but it would be difficult to bring so many actors and actresses together for a single movie. A TV mini-series seems much more realistic, as it could be comprised of a handful of episodes- each a few hours in length- that feature specific cast members at different times, but do not showcase the characters all at once.

A Borg-Dominion alliance doesn't seem a realistic premise for a new series or film. An armed conflict between the two powers is more likely, and I think, a more interesting exposition for another film. In any case, I would enjoy seeing the events of the primary timeline featured in some fashion, as I've enjoyed the way that the novels have addressed what's happened post-Nemesis.

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