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Re: Was I the only one who disliked Far Beyond the Stars?

Allyn Gibson wrote: View Post
I love the episode, but I feel it needed a phildickian twist at the end where Sisko finds out that Benny Russell was real and really wrote stories of Deep Space Nine during sci-fi's Golden Age.

However, I understand why that wasn't done (assuming it was considered), because then it opens up a whole can of worms in continuity about what the Star Trek universe is -- a real place or a place of dreams.
I was hoping that at some point Q/John de Lancie would show up, in a very short cameo. That would have meant that Sisko DOES write the stories about Deep Space Nine, but for real.

Crazyewok wrote: View Post
Everyone seems to rave over it.


I found the whole thing well boring.......

I watch startrek for the science fictions. The whole them of future and space ect

I don't watch startrek to sit and watch a 1950's drama about racism.

Thge only good thing about the whole thing was the acting.

By the way I find most holodeck episodes boring as hell too.
Is it really too much to endure 1 episode out of 170 that deals with 1950s racism?
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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