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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

The Jensen Project - DVD
Risky Business - free admission
Screwballs - free admission
Stay Tuned - free admission
12 Angry Men - DVD
Fast & Furious 6 - free admission
Now You See Me - free admission
After Earth - free admission
The Last Unicorn - blu ray
The Internship - free admission
The Purge - free admission

Went out to the Village this mornin' for a double feature.

I watched STID for the fourth time, first time in 2D. I missed the 3D presentation. Its still an awesome movie, though.

Followed that up with The Purge. Pretty good movie, if a bit too racist. Some good scares, dark humor, and a nice twist in the end. And there's a Texas shoutout durin' the end credits.

Got a plan to go to the Ritz tonight for the Summer of '83 movies...
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