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Re: OT: TrekBBS, tell me about Doctor Who novels.

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^ True enough, but going back and watching enough of the show to learn those characters, then read 140 novels, is a bit more ambitious than I'm willing to be Maybe once I'm caught up on all the new stuff?
Well, I didn't intend to get as much into DW books as I did. When I started in 2001 I'd seen barely a handful of Doctor Who episodes, but I'd heard good things about some of the novels and was curious. I bought one of the Eighth Doctor Adventures I'd read about (one of the Lovecraft-influenced DW novels) and liked it. I figured I'd try to get a representative sampling and ended up buying hundreds of books. Oops. (Not to mention lots of videos and audios.)

2001 was a good time to start because there was no more Star Trek that I cared about on TV, Babylon 5 was over, and X-Files was well past its best before date. I needed something to fill the gap. Doctor Who was just what I needed.
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