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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Reading all these posts, and looking at the number of people who were turned on to ST through reruns and/or their parents is aging me.

I started watching TOS the first time around - yes, way back in the 60's. I'll admit I was rather young, but having been raised in a house with an older brother who read tons of sci-fi and shared it with me, I was immediately hooked - then doubly hooked by the camaraderie of Spock, Kirk and McCoy.
I suffered through the cancellation, the years of reruns, the countless arguments with my other geeky friends (we played games like, "Can you name the episode from one word of dialog - and who wrote it?"), survived the animated series, read the fanzines, and rejoiced when TMP was announced, and lived from movie to movie thereafter.
When TNG was announced, I was cautious - even dubious! - to say the least. Love ST as I do, I also recognized that it had its weaknesses - and all of them were evident in that first episode. But I hung in there and became a TNG fiend, with just the slightest amount of interest in P/C and Data (as some of you may be aware.)
DS9 was probably a better crafted series - but as I live in the Chicago area (Hi! jkladis! Nice to see another Chicagoan in the chat) the local station put it on Saturday afternoons, forcing it compete with the Cubs games - so sometimes it was on, other times it would run at midnight the following day - and so on. Hard to track, and I lost interest.
I never found the allure in VOY; i thought that if they had really wanted to have a good series, they should have killed the captain, and left a less competent leader in place. The story possibilities were endless! But I'm sure they had reasons for doing what they did.
I hoped ENT would escape the VOY production problems - and for a time, it seemed it would - but after the whole season arc about the Xindi, I suspected it was doomed. When the Nazi episode appeared, I knew the end was in sight. Could it get any more cliched?
Ironically, my sone was born just before TNG premiered; ENT went off the air on his 17th birthday. He has been imbued with ST-ness all his life. (He was listening to his friends discuss some Trek-related issue the other day, and they deferred to him and his knowledge. He protested that he was not a geek, then immediately corrected them all, explaining that Worf hadn't married Ezri Dax, but rather Jadzia. The boy can speak Klingon for crying out loud. I guess it's in the blood.)
I wait, with great anticipation and hope, the future of Trek that TPTB will give us - but in the interim, it's me and my computer and all our unfulfilled fantasies making do in the interim.
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