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Re: What stories from history would you like to see made into movies?

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Something about African history as African history is rarely taught in U.S. schools. I think it'd make for a fascinating film.
History from the point of view of my high school:

First there was Greece, then Greece went away. Then there was Rome. Then Rome went away.
Then there were Dark Ages.
Then all the sudden, Henry VII was king of England. His descendants killed a bunch of people and exchanged time on the throne.
Then there were a bunch of European explorers.
Then the Colonies were formed in the New World, and a little later they rebelled.
And then finally, there was the US.

Nothing happened in Asia between Marco Polo visiting it and Communism. Nothing happened in Africa until Europeans decided to start kidnapping people from there.

So yes, any movie focusing on parts of African or Asian history would be awesome. I've read some old Chinese literature that I think would make wonderful films.
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