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Re: Did the Klingons destroy Romulus in Abrams Star Trek?

Belz... wrote:
as luck wuold have it, Nero emerges in 2233 right next to a big orange star.
A big orange star at the edge of Federation space near the Klingon border/KNZ. Not a star in Romulan territory.

Timo wrote:
Hey, since time travel in Trek usually involves going to the very same spot in space, only in a different time, odds are that the star we saw when George Kirk died would have been the very same that Spock belatedly extinguished in the future...
It wasn't. Red matter black hole time travel does not appear to work that way. Spock and Nero's departure point, Nero's arrival point, and Spock's arrival point are all distinct locations. We know from information given in the film that Spock's emergence point is in the Neutral Zone, and it was calculated by Nero, making it a different location from Nero's emergence point. Thus, by this fact alone we know that at least one of the time travelers did not end up in the same location as their departure point, which means that generally speaking it is not required that either of them did.
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