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Re: The Black Hole Remake

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This time can they make the Palomino look much less like the SS Valiant's recorder buoy in Where No Man Has Gone Before?
Actually I loved how plausible the Palomino looked, like a logical extrapolation from existing spacecraft designs. The movie actually had surprisingly solid science, at least compared to the fantasy crap you usually see in space movies. The simulations of freefall were quite good, and it was the first media depiction of a black hole to include an accretion disk -- although it really shouldn't have had an accretion disk since it wasn't part of a binary star system and didn't have anything to accrete, and every screen black hole ever since has repeated the same mistake.

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On the subject of remakes in general, it seems to me that some of the more well-regarded ones are the ones that are quite a departure from the source material. The Fly is nothing like its predecessor other than the very basic premise, similarly The Thing vs The Thing From Another World (both well regarded, whereas the more faithful 2011 take not so much)
The Thing From Another World is an extremely loose adaptation of John W. Campbell's story "Who Goes There?", while John Carpenter's The Thing is a somewhat more faithful adaptation of the Campbell story (at least to the extent that the creature is a shapeshifter as in the original story, rather than a humanoid plant monster or whatever.)
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