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Re: Hirogen vs Dominion?

This thread is funny.

First without knowing the status of the pilot and how much damage his ship has suffered, using that creature as a reference to gauge the strength of another is utter foolish.

Second using the strength of Voyager versus the Hirogen as a gauge to judge its strength and then to use it, as a comparison to federation ships and their performance versus the Jem'Hadar is utterly foolish.

Teh first two initial confrontations with the Dominion were between a galaxy class ship and then later the Defiant. One is considered at the time the most powerful ship the Federation has in its fleet, the other a new designed battleship design specifically for combat, and for combating the Federations biggest threat.

In initial combat those two ships against (in both cases) 3 small Jem'Hadar fighters are easily outclassed. One getting destroyed in a suicide run (though the Jem'Hadar had already done very significant damage to her). Against the defiant the Jem'Hadar are able to utterly defeat her. Only the Founders plan to capture them to test their resolve, keeps the ship from being destroyed.

It takes how long before we see the defiant actually destroy a Jem"hadar ship (nearly a full season), where I assume they are constantly trying to strengthen their weapons, their tactical knowledge. It's much later that they manage to work out how to make their shields effective against the dominion based weapons.

We know they have (even when shut off from the bulk of their forces (the wormhole was closed) teh ability to build ships and create Jem'Hadar at a rate unheard of in the Alpha Quandrant.

We also know that the combined Federation, Klingon, and Romulan forces would have taken utterly huge loses to stop even the smaller isolated part of the Dominion that had come through the to the alpha quadrant (not its full empire). It was teh the surprise attack by Cardassian forces that allowed the Federation, Klingon, Romulan forces to even get to Cardassia Prime without massive loses in ships. And even so that vast armada that awaited them there, would have taken out the majority of the alpha Quadrants defensive forces.

Now with the Hirogen we have very little real practical knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses. We know that Voyage one small Federation isolated ship was unable to defeat a single ship through shear power.

But we also know that Voyager wouldn't be able to defeat in original combat three Small Jem"Hadar fighters. As Voyager as less weapons and less armor then the Defiant, and I don't think anyone actually thinks that Voyager's class of ship is supposed to be more powerful then a Galaxy class starship.

We know nothing about the size of their forces. All we know is that they are nomadic, and are willing to travel vast distances for a single hunt. The fact that they had ships in one part of the Delta Quadrant and ships significantly further away in other parts of the Delta Quadrant doesn't mean they control a vast stretch of that area. Just means they have at some time moved through various parts of the quadrant.

To use that information to suggest that they have control over a large body of forces are even able to cover that large of a section of a Quadrant in a short period of time is foolish. For example the areas between early Hunter appearances and later in Voyagers run, don't imply that those ships made travelled that distance in the same period of time, they could have moved to those locations years to generations ago.

For example we have evidence of Federation forces in not only the area around the border of the alpha and BEta quadrants, but also evidence of Federation peoples in the Gamma Quadrant and through the Delta Quadrant. Does that mean the Federation controls or has influence over those vast areas? Nope not in the slightest.

There is also no evidence that they had control over the communications network. They state only that they claimed it, but we see no direct evidence that it means anything more then that one outpost that was destroyed.
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