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Re: Your Ultimate Ship and Crew

I have too many favorite characters and settings, so I'll have to cheat and offer a few versions.

Starship: Galaxy class USS Enterprise, with a bridge refit to add a few stations cited below.
Commanding officer: Jean-Luc Picard
Chief science officer/first officer: Spock
Operations manager/second officer: Data
Chief medical officer: Leonard McCoy
Counselor: Deanna Troi
Chief engineer: Scotty
Security chief: Tuvok
Astrometrics officer: Seven of Nine
Communications officer: Uhura
Flight controller: Geordi LaForge

Starbase: Deep Space Nine
Commanding officer: Benjamin Sisko
First officer: Kira Nerys
Chief science officer: Jadzia Dax
Strategic operations officer: Hikaru Sulu
Chief medical officer: Julian Bashir
Chief of operations: Miles O'Brien
Security chief: Odo
Counselor: Phlox
Community leader: Quark

Starship: D'deridex Romulan warbird
Commanding officer: Mark Lenard's commander
Chief tactical officer/first officer: Toreth
Chief science officer: Telek R'Mor
Chief engineer: T'Rul
Chief of security forces: Tomalak
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