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Re: The Black Hole Remake

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A remake of this film - done well - really has some potential
Remakes always have potential. But I know not a single one that was ever done well.
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That's why those examples for remakes don't count in my opinion. Charlton Heston Ten Commandments or Ben Hur, for example, is the first modern film version. Silent film is a whole different medium, like a stage play, or a book. And has there been remakes of 1950s Ten Commandments or Ben Hur that come remotely close to the quality of those "originals"?
It's easy to "prove" any premise if you cheat by defining your terms to pre-emptively exclude any evidence that doesn't fit your premise. You've already been given numerous examples of remakes that were, in fact, good, if not better than the originals.
Yeah ... you know "not a single one ... ever" — except for all the examples you don't count.

Careful. You're going to injure yourself if you keep moving the goalposts like that.
Sigh. The fun started when I stated what was clearly my opinion ("I know not a single one"), and people felt the need to disagree with it by stating their own opinion as fact. And when they come with the rather exotic examples, like remakes of silent films, which - again - I don't consider fair comparisons.

And that I don't consider Ben Hur a remake is not a moved goal post, it's an opinion that I have stated here several times over the last years.

True Lies (where my avatar is from) is officially a remake as well, but it's a) so different from the original French film La Totale! (which b) nobody knows, not even here in France) that I don't consider it a remake either.

Comic book films don't count for me either, because they are not remakes of previous films. Just like Star Trek 2009 is not a remake of TMP, or Superman Returns is not a remake of Superman, it's just another story in the same or similar universe.

And just like the CG version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is not a remake of either the live action Ninja Turtles or the cartoon Ninja Turtles, sound film The Ten Commandments is not a remake of silent film The Ten Commandments. I can only repeat my opinion here.

What we have here with The Black Hole is the case of a well known, modern film being remade. And there I know not a single remake that was better than the original.

Examples that are comparable (some of which were already named by previous posters) are 3:10 to Yuma, True Grit, Ransom, all those Rear Window remakes, The Fly (in my opinion the 1958 version is better than the Cronenberg remake), Carrie, Lady Killers, The Italian Job, Cape Fear (sorry, Scorsese), The Karate Kid, The Departed (again sorry, Martin), The Experiment (the German version is superior on all counts), Flight of the Phoenix, The Getaway, The Nutty Professor, Ocean's Eleven...

Okay, now that I think about it, there is one remake that I know that is better than the original version: Heat, directed by Michael Mann, is better than The Takedown, directed by... oh, Michael Mann. And even there The Takedown has a lot of aspects that are superior to the remade attempts in Heat.

The Black Hole is one of these films that simply don't need to be remade. There's nothing wrong with it, and the story won't gain anything from another attempt. With today's storytelling style in big budget productions, it certainly will even lose a lot.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.

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