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Re: Falling Skies - season 3

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Well, I just had a startling experience, I checked IMDB to see if 1 or 2 episodes would be playing tomorrow night, and I noticed Maxim Knight (Matt Mason) was credited for 27 episodes but, Noah Wylie is only credited for 20. My mind started racing...What's this mean, is Tom killed or captured (And taken out of play for the season) early in the first episode? Then I realized everyone is only credited for S1 and S2, but, not yet for S3 (Except for Maxim Knight)

For those wondering, IMDB does say it's a double Episode premiere as S1 and S2 were. Can't wait for the cliffhanger resolution.

IMDB is always wrong when it come to episodes cast are in.

No one can be in 27 episodes when there are only 20, each season only has ten episodes.
This is Season 3, so 30 episodes are filmed. It's very typical for IMDB to have been updated for S3 cast by now.
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