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Re: Why Kathryn Janeway is the BEST Star Fleet Captain... EVER!

WHY does Star Trek never give me what I want?!
You can say that again

[randomfanboyrant] Actually, I think it would have been more interesting if Q was the reason Voyager got stranded in the Delta Quadrant, instead of the Caretaker. Would have jibed more with Q "preparing" humanity for the Borg threat, as hinted in Q Who!

Imagine Janeway in pursuit of the Masquis, almost obsessively to rescue the undercover Tuvok. Q shows up at an inopportune time, Janeway and the Masquis bot offend Q, so he "teaches" them a lesson, and strand them in the Delta Quadrant, like he did with the Enterprise. That would have made Q's subsequent appearances a little more interesting and make more sense as he is "checking in" on Janeway, too, IMHO. [/randomfanboyrant]
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