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Re: Agamemnon Voyages: The God Particle

Iota Crucis IV, 2267

As Wesley had expected there was another explosion and he and his team had been ready for it, seizing the opportunity the moment the ground under their feet shook and the guards were distracted.

Wesley punched the nearest guard right into the face, hitting him into his compound eye which caused the insectoid to utter a loud shriek of pain before going down.

Kutznetsov, Mtolo and Vincent followed suit not a moment later, attacking their guards and trying to keep them engaged while Zha’Thara hurried past them and towards the work station she had already set up to shut down the molecules. She prayed that it wouldn’t be too late.

The commodore went after Ketteract and wrestled the surprised and unprepared scientist to the ground before he could try and counteract whatever it was Talana was going to do.

The Starfleet away team had moved so fast, they had failed to realize that the explosion that had given them this opportunity had actually come from inside the lab itself. The heavy doors had been blown off, flattening a number of Xenarth scientists who had been unlucky enough to stand close to them.

The few of guards who had not been busy to try and stop the aliens turned to engage the soldiers who were now streaming into the lab.

It was not a fair fight and it was over almost before it began.

The Cleric caste guards were no match for the well-trained Soldier caste Xenarth who fired upon everyone who offered resistance and then quickly moved to surround the lab.

And while their main target may have been their fellow Xenarth of other castes, they were equally at odds with their alien visitors.

Zha’Thara found herself with another Xenarth weapon pointed at her face for the second time and just before she had the chance of initiating the pulse which she hoped would bring and end to the Omega molecules threatening to breach their containment field.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” she said as she raised her hands in surrender and took a step backwards when the Xenarth soldier practically prodded her with his weapon.

Wesley found himself in a similar situation but this time found that Ketteract, Chelra and even the Supreme were being detained in the same manner. He quickly found the leader of the attacking force. The Warrior Queen he had already met once before, had led her troops personally and now stood victorious in the middle of the lab, carefully securitizing her surroundings.

“Queen Quelphi,” he said and tried to approach her without success as the soldiers surrounding him used their spear-like energy weapons to keep him at bay.

“Ah yes, the alien interloper,” she said and she looked at him. “I warned you to leave this system when we first spoke but foolish minds overrode my decision. You will come to regret not having heeded my warnings.”

Wesley dismissed all that with a wave of his hand. “We don’t have time for any of this,” he said and pointed towards the containment chamber which was now steadily growing brighter by the second as the containment field flared, struggling to keep up with the molecules within. “The particles are about to become unstable and the containment field will fail. You have to allow my people to shut it down or we’re all going to die.”

His voice was stern and genuine enough apparently to give Quelphi pause. But she didn’t take any action as she took her time to consider the situation.

“Listen to me,” Wesley said. “This is your battle right here. This is what you’ve been fighting against. To preserve your people and save them from the Supreme’s arrogant pursuit of a power she barely understands. Let us stop it now or you and your war will have been for nothing.”

Quelphi jerked her head slowly in a Xenarth equivalent of a small nod. “Do what you must then.”

Wesley didn’t waste time. “Talana!”

The woman nodded and when the guard didn’t move, she simply pushed the weapon aside. “Out of my way,” she said and attended to the workstation.

The Warrior Queen signaled the guard to stand down before he could take punitive actions.

“No, no I will not allow it,” the Supreme screeched, freed herself from her own guards and rushed towards the Andorian science officer. “The God-Queen will not allow it. Her will shall be done.”

Kesseract decided to spring into action at the exact same moment. With the guards distracted by the Supreme’s sudden attack, he slipped his as well to get to his computer station at which he had been tirelessly working on.

“He’s overriding my shutdown sequence,” the science officer said as she worked the console.

Wesley didn’t know where to turn first.

Zha’Thara didn’t see the Xenarth Supreme coming quickly enough. By the time the Andorian realized that she was bearing down on her, it was already too late. The raging Egia reached out for the smaller woman and practically tossed her out of the way. Zha’Thara hit a nearby console with a sickening crunch and remained on the floor with her neck bent at an awkward angle.

Vincent was at her side within a heartbeat. The doctor knelt next to the woman but within moments the grim diagnosis was in. He turned to find the commodore only to shake his head. “She’s dead.”

The news hit Wesley like a sledgehammer and as much as he wanted to deal with the Andorian’s tragic and untimely demise first, he knew he couldn’t afford to. Not with Kesseract back at the Omega containment chamber’s main controls again. And the Warrior Queen’s guards were moving so dammed slow now that one of his own had been killed and all their lives were suddenly up for grabs.

Kesseract had of course taken no notice of anything around him other than the bright, twinkling lights of the Omega Molecule above. “It’s done, it’s done,” he cried as he remained completely transfixed on the containment chamber. “Behold the greatest power the universe has ever seen. And it is stable.”

The room was now entirely flooded by the bright azure light of the molecules, too bright, it turned out, for most of the Xenarth who were forced to cover their large eyes.

But it remained just bearable enough for humans and Wesley harshly pushed Ketteract aside to get to the controls, even though he was fairly certain that he had no idea what do to with them.

The scientist fell to the floor but that didn’t stop him from laughing, almost like a madman. “Too late, Commodore. Too late. It’s done, can’t you see? I’ve tamed Omega. I have created endless power where there was nothing.”

“You’re no god,” said Wesley.

“God?” Ketteract said, considering this for a moment. “You’re right. I’m not God,” he added and pulled himself back onto his feet. “I have surpassed God.”

Only one problem: The bright light was gaining intensity by the second. “This does not look stable to me,” said Wesley and looked down to find a control, anything that would allow him to shut down what he feared would happen next.

“No, no, this can’t be. I was stable. I had it stabilized.”

“Damn it, Doctor, this is not stable,” Wesley yelled at the man. “Shut it down. Shut it down, now.”

But the scientist, so assured of himself just moments ago, looked terrified now, his face turning completely blank. “I … I can’t.”

Wesley turned to face the computer station again, determined to do whatever needed to be done to stop what was likely to happen next. But he already knew he couldn’t do it alone. Kesseract clearly was no longer able to assist, Zha’Thara was dead and the Scholar Queen was cowering in a corner, crying like most of the Xenarth as their sensitive compound eyes seemed to burn from the steady increasing brightness.

Wesley looked up once more and just in time to see something else happening. An energy spike of sorts shot out of the chamber and hit him square in the chest, instantly knocking the air out of his lungs and flinging him backwards across the room until he came to a rest, propped up by a console behind him.

The pain was indescribable and yet he managed to look up once more. He immediately wished he hadn’t. A blinding flash of light nearly took his eyesight. Time seemed to slow and he watched curiously as Xenarth and the remaining members of his landing party turn and try to run from the containment chamber in seemingly slow motion.

The room had lost all color and everyone and everything had turned into nothing more than bright and blurry outlines as if the entire world had been whited-out.

He felt the shockwave pushing him against the floor which he thought to be odd because it seemed to annihilate anything in its path. In some inexplicable manner Robert Wesley remained even as he watched on helplessly as everything else around him turned into dust.
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