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Another point of interest....Laura and the former prez...naughty naughty I just love how no one is innocent in this show
From the way Laura talked about him, I always assumed she was involved with the President. I'd be willing to bet that as far back as the mini-series, Mary's been playing scenes where she mentions Adar with that element of her character's relationship with him in mind.
Yeah a few people have thought that, her affair with him seemed to have gone on a while if she knew him since (I think she said) when they worked in the mayor's office?

While I don't know any more details of their relationship (the spoiler folks haven't spilled anymore beans yet) my own personal theory was that her relationship with him was based on a need for comfort while her mother was sufferring from cancer. All we seem to know about her so far is that she seemed to work a lot and she also had the responsibility of looking after her mother during her last days. So I don't think her relationship is going to be so much about climbing the career ladder as about needing comfort and distraction because of her mother being so ill.

Remember she said I think in the mini to Apollo that she wanted to get out of politics but Adar kept on persuading her to stay. So I don't think she cared much about climing the political ladder if she wanted out.
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