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Re: Starfleet Academy Series

King Daniel Into Darkness wrote: View Post
...The story eventually became the 2007 novel Star Trek Academy: Collision Course. I'd love to see something similar, re-rebooting or filling in Kirk's three years at the academy from XI and reusing costumes and sets from XI and ID. Like a cross between Star Trek and Smallville.
I'd rather see TNG academy, more aliens and better technology. Not to mention all that unexplored space left to work with.

Dukhat wrote: View Post
Creating a new tv series right after Enterprise got cancelled would have been the worst thing they could have done, no matter what the show was about.
I wasn't a big fan of Enterprise myself and I believe going back in time killed future series at that time. Going back to revamp the franchise send chills down my back whenever I hear "Continuing mission". To boldly go where we went 40 some years ago is more like it but they could make a jump back to the future after Abrams version raps up, just as they did after they were done with Shatner's run, making a 70 year jump to TNG's future.
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