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If you could add ONE line of dialogue to STID, what would it be..?

First of, I LOVED the film..! I do however felt that they could have done more to make Benedict look a little more like Khan... Maybe with more make up, heavier eyebrows, a different accent... I don't know... I have some trouble accepting him to be Khan, 'cause he's just too different looking...

Soooo... If I could add just ONE LINE of dialogue to STID, it would have been during Khan's rant about Marcus when he's in the brig talking to Kirk and Spock... I wish he'd have said something like this...

"Marcus took away my crew, took away my identity, gave me a new face... but what he could NOT take away, was my desire for revenge..."

He could then of course have added to it...

"You know, those poor Klingons I slaughtered have a saying... Revenge is a dish best served cold..."
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