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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

I mentioned this in the picture thread but there is a recent tv guide article that a friend from LJ has scanned for the A/R fans....spoilers below obviously

Page 1 of article
Page 2 of article

Well I and a heck of a lot of people over at LJ and Galactica Actual are very pleased about this I've always wanted to see someone address what would happened if those in charge became involved, plus they have great chemistry
So if anything happens with them that would be really interesting....either way they kiss, so excuse me while I say the following CANON! (as someone who was a Janeway/Chakotay fan I always wanted to say that but never got the chance ).

Another point of interest....Laura and the former prez...naughty naughty I just love how no one is innocent in this show
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