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Re: Best Audio Book?

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Big Finish are starting a book club with cheap downloads.

First up is the very first audio Sirens in Time for 2.99
If I'm reading this right, it sounds like a monthly sort of "book club" but with audios, and done online. Is there any interest in doing our own here, with each month's title? At 3 bucks, it's something most may be able to afford, and for those who have been listening for a long time, maybe they haven't heard each month's story in awhile (depending on what those later stories are).

Provided there are others who would be up for discussing, I'll start a new thread next weekend. That should give people time to get it and give it a listen.

Then again, if no one is up for it, that's cool too.
I'd be up for it bu ill be away on holiday next weekend, no phone, no TV, no Internet.
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