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Re: J.J. Abrams enters The Twilight Zone

I like the Stargate series, but I disagree about SGU. There was too much of the nuBSG-style dumbing down. Making the characters retarded so they can be all kewl and dark, the using of each other's bodies for sex, the forced conflicts-- they even managed to make General O'Neill boring. Every time I watched it, I got the impression that the producers were saying, "Why are you making us do this shit? Please let us go back to telling good, solid stories again."

I did see that TZ homage on Felicity and I remember liking it. But did Abrams actually do that, or was it the people he hired? As I said, his TV stuff is generally decent because of the people he hires. Although come to think of it, nuTrek was bad mostly because of the people he hired-- it was directed competently, but the script was Asylum-level nonsense.
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