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Re: TNG Caption This! 315: Don't look at me like that!

(Btw this leads on from my last post)

A long argument, several tequila shots and an electric razor later
Riker: Are you HAPPY now, Deanna?
Troi: Not now, Will
Riker: Well you should be because now I've got 18 pages of crew reviews to complete with the WORST hangover-
Troi: I said not now!

Geordie: Quick, run!! Lwaxana's onboard!

All Worf needed now was a sparkly hat and some backing dancers to fulfil his dreams
Worf: Oh yeah I'm bad, so bad, come on...

Picard: Aaargh!! OK, OK, I get the idea! My head is too shiny!! Now just take this mirror away and I promise I'll wear a hat!
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