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Re: TNG Caption This! 315: Don't look at me like that!

Riker: Troi's going back to Betazed for a month and she's helping me recruit temp squeezes. You interested?

Oh, is it June again already?

Worf: That's it, Commander. Now we are maximizing the amount of space we take up in the corridor. Remember -
Geordi: I know! Longways and sideways!
Worf: At random speed!
Geordi: Longways and sideways!
Worf: At random speed!
Crewman: This is why I transferred off the Stargazer.

Whose idea was it to install a chimney on the enterprise, anyway?

Future Kanye Energy Sphere: I'mma let you finish, but James Kirk was the greatest Starfleet captain of all time! Of all time!

Geordi: Commander, come quick! There's an alien pouring drinks in Ten Forward!
Riker: So?
Geordi: It actually leaves you alone!
Riker: To the Batpole!

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