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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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A Matter of Perspective is just preposterous on so many levels. Whether it's the investigator letting Riker's own people use their Holodeck technology to defend him, or the ridiculous portrayal of a sleazy and violent Riker, or the scientist's crazy plan to kill Riker which backfires and somehow blows up the entire station, or the way the Holodeck magically duplicates the entire event at the end, exonerating Riker.....

The idea of a Rashoman story is definitely a cool one, but for it to work the alternate versions of the story have to at least be somewhat plausible. Plus the whole murder plot is contrived and not terribly interesting in the first place.
There are things I like about A Matter of Perspective but I have to agree with you. They call this episode A Matter of Perspective, but it seemed like all the Perspectives are widely different. For example, you had Rikers testimony where he was trying to be professional, and then you had Apgar's wife testimony saying that Riker was trying to Rape her. Let's not also forget that Rape is a pretty high charge which seemed to be dropped mid episode as well. Despite that though, I did like what they did with the holodeck for this episode. It was a creative idea that could have used more "sprucing" up.

Through this rewatch, I'm looking for episodes that really stand out and show CBS-D's mastery. Of course all the episodes (Minus Season 2) are looking awesome, but which episodes go that extra mile and blow me away. The first one was DataLore and the Crystalline Entity. I think I found my second episode, Deja Q.

This episode is much more beautiful to look at now. Whether it was the atmosphere dive of the Enterprise, or probably my favorite shot so far, meeting the Calamarane for the first time. It's shot's like that which makes this purchase worth it. That was gorgeous and so clear. It almost makes me wonder what a HD version of the Voyager episode "The Cloud" would look like since it kind of has the same idea. Also, many people consider this episode a comedy and there are some great moments, but why I love this episode is really the stuff between Data and Q. I think this was the episode that turned Q from just a villan to something greater, kind of the teacher testing the crew and kind of helping them along the way. Q in Tapestry and All Good Things was not the same Q as what we got from the first season. This episode showed that transition, other than maybe Qpid, but I liked Qpid.

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