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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness - SPOILERS!!!

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Whatever you do, stop trolling.
Accusations of trolling are regarded as trolling. I advise you-- and everyone else-- to refrain from such accusations in future. Further name-calling will result in a warning. This is your last caution on the subject.

If you see a problem, hit the notify button.

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Also, your posts belong in the Trek XI+ forum, not here. Thanks.
Thank you for mentioning that. It's just that this thread is found in the "Star Trek TV Series" section. Should it be moved to Trek XI+?
The thread belongs here, but you should move to the Trek XI+ forum unless you have something to contribute regarding references to the series Enterprise in the movie. That is the topic of this thread.

Also, ralfy, posting more than twice in a row is considered spamming. Reposting already posted material, or a bunch of links, without substantive comment is considered spamming. Please review the FAQ and adhere to the rules from now on.

Back on topic, please.
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