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I'm not going to read this entire topic, way to many pages.

But STID was finally released in the Netherlands last thursday, and yesterday I finally had the change to see it.

I loved it!! Ofcourse it had some little flaws, but in the end, those were small enough for me not to be bothered by them.
I suppose the biggest the thing for me would be, is that our antagonist sometimes felt lacking in motivation, but part of me also saw the logic and appeal in that. That his entire reason for doing what he does, is actually THAT simple, that straight to the point: family, and wanting them back.

In Star Trek 09, one of the things I loved the most, was how Karl Urban could really channel DeForrest Kelley into his performance, making Bones completely regonizable but also his own character. Here, the channeling felt less, I got more Urban and less Kelley. It seemed at times that all he did was shout and curse at Kirk, something McCoy would do, but this time without the comforting words of wisdom he would also give.

Cumberbatch was amazing. Nuff said.

Pine and Quinto really had Kirk and Spock nailed in this one!!! The little things that make Kirk and Spock who they are as individuals but also as friends were very well done. Again, at times I felt that Pine had the little things down a bit better in the previous film, but perhaps that's because I've seen Star Trek 09 many times now and just have been able to notice it more.

The special effects.... Not only were they stunning, they truly helped with creating the atmosphere and telling the story. For example, the chase through the mines in The Hobbit looked stunning, but felt more like eye-candy then really setting the scene. Here, when the Vengeance suddenly came up behind the Enterprise at high warp, together with the music, it truly created a sense of 'oh shit'. The crewmen being sucked out while the ship was still in warp, I felt almost sick.
My girlfriend, who has become a big Trek fan in the last few years, has stated before that she never felt the emotional connection to ships as a lot fans do (except perhaps for DS9), and was always more emotionally invested in the characters and stories. Here, were the Enterprise was crashing, she told me she was talking to herself and going 'please don't crash her'. The first time she ever called a ship 'her'.
Using special effects in such an effect, to evoke emotions in people instead of only being pretty, is something that's forgotten a lot, and really worked well here.

The Klingons. LOVED the Klingons.

Overall, I couldn't be more pleased about this movie. Again, it had a few little flaws, but those were minor for me and didn't stop me from enjoying the movie.

I suppose I could get into a very lengthy and detailed review of every scene, but I'm not liked that. I loved it, got a huge kick out of it, and got away satisfied. And that's all I really want.
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