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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Adelphous IV.
B is for Botany Bay.
C is for Cardassian Union.
D is for Delta Vega.
E is for Endeavour, the only Federation starship out of a massed fleet of 40 to survive the Battle of Wolf 359.
F is for Flag of the Federation.
G is for Gorgan. Some old dude wearing a shower curtain.
H is for Holodeck malfunction.
I is for Ivor Prime. The Federation colony there was destroyed by an attacking Borg cube in late 2373.
J is for Janus VI.
K is for Kalandans. And their hot female holograms. That try to kill you.
L is for Leandra, the late wife of Dr. Tolian Soran whose name was never spoken on-screen. She was killed when the Borg destroyed the El-Aurian homeworld in the late 23rd century.
M is for McCoy. Dr. Leonard McCoy. Greatest surgeon in all of Starfleet.
N is for Nerds with an encyclopedic knowledge of Star Trek.
O is for Optronic computer relays running throughout a spacecraft.
P is for Positronic testicles.
Q is for Q Civil War - so dangerous it caused stars in our galaxy to explode.
R is for Red matter.
S is for Stellar Cartography.
T is for T'Pol's bum.
U is for Uranus, the seventh planet in Earth's solar system and Sector 001.
V is for Vixis. She has wonderful muscles.
W is for War between the Federation and the Cardassians.
X is for XL size Starfleet Captain's Bomber Jacket.
Y is for Yang founding documents, such as the "E Pleb Neesta."
Z is for Zephram Cochrane. All he wanted was enough money to retire to some babe-filled beach somewhere. End-of-line.
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