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Re: Which Star Trek movie has got the most plot holes? And the least?

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It completey destroys story credibility. What does it call itself? It's name is VOYAGER, it reads V___GER and just compacts what's left into a name? It clearly understands the English language, knows there is a gap, is smart enough to understand why that part of it's nameplate is obscured in a way that could be easily remedied, yet fudges it's name for the sole purpose of a big reveal at the end of the movie. No other reason, no in-universe justification.
Others already explained--quite clearly--why it read the plate at face value. English is not a simple language, so if you're suggesting it should assume "voyager" was obscured by the dirt, based on understanding the language, then you've arrived at a false conclusion. English is littered with nicknames, abbreviated names or descriptions, etc., in addition to formal language. Consider this example, if it read a car plate bearing "T___bird," is it going to somehow figure out that beyond the dirt, it really spells "thunderbird?"

Khan was aware of how to fly a starship since "Space Seed", we saw him flying the Reliant solo at the end of the movie. It's in no way plausible that anyone without learning difficulties would mistake space for some Space Invaders-like 2D realm.
Being aware of how to fly a ship is not in any way the same as developing skills/insight from long years of experience, otherwise, a cadet should be promoted to captain, since browsing tech manuals (like Khan) is enough to be as proficient as a Starfleet admiral.

Add to that the intelligence-insulting "code" used earlier in the movie - "hours will seem like days"
It was a gamble. It worked.

If you want to believe the Genesis Device is plausible science fiction, let alone plausible within the framework of Star Trek's technology, go right ahead.
If you accept all of the other never-going-to-happen Trek tech mentioned earlier (including time travel as used in ST), then the Genesis device is as plausible in a late 23rd century sci-fi world.

So why does Sarek want Spock's body brought to Vulcan when he meets with Kirk in his appartment, before Spock's torpedo tube is located intact on the Genesis surface? The real-world reason is that the Grissom scene was originally to open the movie, but was moved further back, giving the impression Sarek somehow knew Spock would be reborn there.
You need to back to your "magical" line, as you still have not explained how that cannot--or should not exist in ST.

And how exactly did Genesis turn a corpse into a young child?
The best answer is through Spock's cells. Before you utter a "but," we do not know the course/time of cell death in a Vulcan, which cells remain or how (or if) Spock's body was prepared before being torpedoed to Genesis, etc. Without that information, you have to accept that the time of Spock's death to his arrival on Genesis was relatively short, so he did not have much time to decompose.

No, but an example of Trek veering into cartoon land.
The sound effect does not erase the point of the scene: Scotty disabled the Excelsior. If someone was distracted by the sound effect, then they were not really paying attention to the very simple meaning of the scene.

That's warm, cozy nostalgia talking.
No, it is clarity and great taste in film that allows me to tell the difference.
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