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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

But there are degrees. When they left the communicator behind in ENT's The Communicator it wouldn't have raped the culture to just leave it there. Someone would have developed the tech earlier than normal (perhaps) and one government may have ended up in a more powerful position than they would have as a result of that. The idea that every jot and tiddle is a culture's destiny gets sucked into PD at times, oh noes he never would have been able to seize power if he hadn't learned the power of transistor radios 80 years before his culture should have. Well so what, someone is always in power and unlike with Edith Keeler where they knew there was an unfavourable outcome who is to say that transistor power guy wouldn't have been a happy alternative to a naturally developed tyranny that the culture was in for?

Rape is what the Founders did to the living-in-trees Vorta.

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