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Re: Why Janeway is the Worst Star Trek Captain!

That's far too wordy Unicron.

I personally believe that any Captain who thinks that they have the right to break the Prime Directive to put right a cockup which they are personally responsible for creating in the first place is a sanctimonious prick, because by fluffing up so awfully enough to wreck an entire culture once, only proves that they already have a history of fluffing up enough to wreck a planet and that they have a predilection for fluffing up so bad that they can wreck any planet no matter what wise decisions which they think are the safest most timid courses of action because they are too clueless to anticipate even the immediate knock effects from any Culture rape they are in the process of committing, and the therefore can't be trusted to put into motion a controlled Prime Directive breach/Culture rape, which they think(hope/wish/gamble) will lessen the last culture rape, reduce the rape aftermath/aftershocks, when they are already responsible for raping a culture to the point of fluff, where they are already criminally responsible enough to lose their ship, which means that there are no further consequences to their continued raping of an alien culture that they can't lose their ship twice, so they might as well continuing raping the culture until it seems less likely that they will lose their ship.

You don't fix rape, with more rape.

(In the Reeves-Stevens novel Prime Directive, set after the TV show, Kirk lost his ship for breaking the Prime Directive.)
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