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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

The Happiness Patrol (Seventh Doctor).

An interesting story though the political subtext is mostly lost on me since I'm not from the U.K. Once again the Doctor takes the lead in this story. He's heard of the regime on Terra Alpha and had planned to take care of it instead of coming upon the situation accidentally. But instead of freeing an oppressed population so they can pursue happiness, he's freeing them to pursue unhappiness. I liked this reverse.

Silver Nemesis (Seventh Doctor).

Another decent story. Too bad they already told it in Remembrance of the Daleks and that version was better. The Hand of Omega was a more interesting concept as a stellar manipulator, which had the ability to create and destroy, then a living metal Time Lord super weapon.

There also seemed to be too many elements in this story which made it feel crowded, especially considering it's three parts. Perhaps I missed it but I don't remember the story telling the audience how Lady Peinforte finds the statue or gains the knowledge to travel through time. The Cybermen didn't play a valuable part and the Neo-Nazi's were completely unnecessary.
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