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Re: MYTHBUSTERS 10th Anniversary Season

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In this case, the myth was the criminal's belief that if he made a parachute out of supplies in the hotel room and jumped out the window, he could escape. Or, to come at it another way, what they were testing was his escape plan, just like in the many other prisoner-escape myths they've done over the years.

And the 3-hour limit wasn't a part of it whatsoever.

Sure, granted, they were testing whether it could've worked if he hadn't been interrupted after 3 hours.

Because the 3-hour limit wasn't actually a part of the myth.

So sure, yeah, they could have defined their hypothetical scenario as "What if the police had waited longer than 3 hours and he hadn't been arrested before trying to jump?" But instead, they chose to define it as "What if he'd finished the parachute just before the police raided?"

They made shit up that had nothing to do with the myth. They might as well make it all up from this point onward if they're just going to keep pulling everything out of their ass like that. No need for researchers or anything. Just make it up.

Hell, they nearly did the same thing with the bike myth when Adam decried that because the first remote model went up on its back wheel it wouldn't could because, apparently, bikes only count as bikes when both wheels are touching the water. Even though it was still a bike riding across the water.
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