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Re: Was I the only one who disliked Far Beyond the Stars?

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You sure are; you seem to have missed the whole point of Star Trek. Well done.
What point is that?

If they wanted to do a commentry on racism then why not set it in the normal trek verse or do a real time travel plot.

I just dont dig the idea of a vision premise.
It's sometimes helpful to use contrast to drive home a particular point. The Star Trek universe presents a uniform, utopian society, and it's easy to view problems such as racism as an abstraction when faced with the ideals and views of the Federation. The vision experienced by Sisko allows the audience to see the characters of Deep Space 9 as they may have been had they lived in a world dominated by intolerance, a world that is still extremely relevant in our own society, unfortunately, for we are not as far removed from the problems of the early-to-mid-twentieth century.

The vision is made all the more powerful by the episode's conclusion, the scene in which Sisko is speaking with his father and offers the idea that perhaps Deep Space 9 is the illusion- that Benny Russell dreams of the universe that Sisko and company live in- an idea that many who love Star Trek can relate to.
I kind of had the idea that making Benjamin Sisko doubt his hold on sanity was the work of the pah-wraiths, trying to drive fear and uncertainty through him. An uncertain, unable to command Sisko would be far less dangerous than a mad as hell, resolute Emissary. Which is why I like that scene where Sisko's father, playing the role of the oracle, is guiding Ben to a path straight and true.

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