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Re: Did Sisko ever break the Prime Directive?

With liberty and just for some then.

My issue is that Sisko took Worf's act as a personal offense. When Sisko himself is a religious figure and spiritual man himself. Its wasn't a violation of starfleet protocol that caused Sisko to judge Worf. t was the act was viewed as premeditated murder in his eyes. Like I said had Sisko walked the Picard line and remained unbiased in his reprimand I could except it but he didn't.

His decision seems to be purely because his views on life and death are different from another persons culture. While Picard empathetic to the nature and gave Worf the option to resign. Riker was equally understanding and even willing to carry out the same ritual for Worf back I'm TNG. While Riker serving onboard a Klingon ship and learning how Klingons view those who live when they should die gave Riker an enhanced perception in to the mind of a different culture.

Sisko comes in like inflexible bishop
Preaching his beliefs and not leaving any room for discussion for clarification. You can't use the Starfleet protocol breach as an excuse for his actions because Sisko himself didn't use it. While the star fleet violation is a correct method of interpreting it. Sisko let his personal biases judge that situation and his response to it

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