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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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In some of the older TOS movies, TMP in particular, there are people of ALL ages and weights (not a Shatner jest) on the ship. Many people seemingly at least 60 and not Hollywood 60 either. It's such a shock to see because age and weight diversity have been erased from Star Trek unless the whole point of the character is that they are old or a fat stereotype (Klingon cook in DS9, Opera singer in TNG).
Overweight people aren't allowed in the military to begin with (you have to keep your weight at a certain level or you get dismissed.) That's why you don't see a lot of fat people on any Star Trek TV show or in any movie besides Shatner and Doohan.

For the record, the few times I've seen the two new Star Trek movies, I've seen a ton of older people as admirals and commodores, and this was also so on Star Trek TNG (I remember the producers saying that when they cast admirals and commodores, all of them were middle-aged or older than middle aged actors, male and female).

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Then, when she beams down to "help" Spock, who's fighting Khan, again, her contribution falls flat to me. She has to rely on her boyfriend to take the bad guy out because he's more than her phaser can handle.
See this I don't get at all. Spock was getting his ass kicked and his head crushed from a relentless pounding machine of a eugenics superman. The phaser fire did not drop Khan but it did require that he righted himself with each hit.

BAM.. Khan stumbles backwards and then lunges towards her..

BAM.. Khan stumbles backwards and then lunges towards her..

Repeat several times. His head was thrown back and he was needing a moment to refocus and steady himself with each hit. This gave Spock what he needed, breathing space and thinking space and he was able to grab a weapon (prior to this he only had his fists) and smash Khan's head, knock him down and gain the upper hand. No doubt being stunned so many times made Khan less able to fight back.

And you know Uhura could have been the one that beamed down and fired the phaser on kill and won the day, but the story needed Khan alive. That was the only thing that stopped her from being the one who did in the bad guy on that platform.

They worked together and they both took Khan out. Nothing flat there. One thing the scene shows us is just how powerful Khan is and I've said before no one person is ever going to take him out in a fight.
Add to which, if Khan had taken her on solely, her head would have been crushed just like Admiral Marcus's was. Also, Spock, being stronger than a human being anyway, was the only one to take on Khan at that moment (what everybody forgot about when criticizing this scene.)
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