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Re: Which Star Trek movie has got the most plot holes? And the least?

Two plot-holes from Generations that I disagree with.

The first is "Why didn't Soran just fly a ship into the Nexus?"

He stated that diverting the ribbon was the only way. It could be that, although they were lucky before their rescue on the Enterprise B, in most cases attempting to enter the Nexus in a ship results in the ship being destroyed before the crew are pulled into it. Soran wanted to enter the Nexus, not risk getting killed.

Secondly, "Why didn't Picard go back to earlier and stop Soran in Ten Forward?" The simple answer is, he didn't think of it. When he was talking to Guinan's shadow, all he was thinking of was stopping the missile launch. It's not a plot hole if the character screws up.

Now, the Enterprise D getting her ass handed to her by an obsolete Bird of Prey that should have been space-dust with a single phaser barrage and full spread of photons, that I can't stand. That can be explained, but we'd have needed a few extra lines of dialogue about "rotating shields" and "why are the Bird of Prey's shields still holding?" for it to make sense.

The sequence as filmed just makes the D, which has stood toe-to-toe with Borg cubes, Cardassian Galors, and Romulan Warbirds, look a bit of a wuss!!
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