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Re: J.J. Abrams enters The Twilight Zone

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And then there's SG-U, which I take it you didn't see. Many SG-1 fans don't even consider it a Stargate series, only having borrowed the Stargate device for occasional use. And while I appreciate that perspective, I think it also shortens the merits of SG-U. It was a ground breaking kind of show that really should have had a solid 4~6 seasons.
I considered SG-U the way a lot of Trek fans seem to have considered Enterprise: a misfired attempt to "freshen the brand" undertaken by people who'd been doing the thing so damned long that they couldn't actually do anything new.

So many things in SG-U looked like the producers and writers were just looking at their own past work and saying "this is so different," but by comparison with any current drama other than Stargate it was - yeah, mediocre.

SG-U wanted to be Moore's BSG, but it seemed to be the same writers as always and they just weren't good enough to improve the franchise no matter how much freedom they thought the new premise gave them.
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