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Re: Did Sisko ever break the Prime Directive?

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Eh DS9 was a Bajoran space station. As such it's prejudice for Siskoto allow Bajorans who call everyone who doesn't believe in their gods infidels, but prohibit Worf from carrying out a ritual with a family member. Also keep in mind Klingons are apart of the Federation. The Bajorans are not. Part of being in the Federation is accepting all cultures, races and customs as they are. Sisko seemed unfairly critical of Worf because the act was view as murder rather than ritual. In the same breath saying he allows cultural diversity to an extent. He seemed to forget Bajoran's racist views of Cardassians. To my knowledge he has never once tried to curtail or persuade Bajorans from thinking or acting that way against them. Hypocrite. If Sisko had walked the Picard line and made his criticism of Worf's actions purely and infringement of StarFleet protocol then I would overlook this. But Sisko didn't and got personally involved in a matter. No different than a Captain in a navy allowing orthodox Jews free reign to do whatever but marginalizing atheists because they don't adhere to the sabbath.
You're wrong. First of all, the Klingons are an independent nation state. They are not part of the United Federation of Planets. Worf was a Federation citizen and Starfleet officer because he was raised on Earth by human parents, but his people are not members of the Federation government. Get your facts straight.

Second, there is no comparison between the Bajorans thinking negatively of non-believers and Worf's decision to assist in his brother's suicide. Worf took an action that was in violation of Starfleet regulations, regulations that he swore to obey. As a Starfleet officer, Sisko has the same obligation to follow regulations that Worf has, which is why he threatened to relieve Worf of duty after the incident.

Sisko was not alone in his assessment of Worf's behavior. I would remind you that Picard told Worf that he was unable to follow Starfleet protocol that he should resign his commission following Worf's decision to kill Duras in honorable combat. Why? Because Worf's behavior violated Stafleet regulations, regulations that Worf swore to uphold, but violated.

As far as the Bajorans are concerned, it's not Sisko's place to tell a group of people how to think as long as they don't take negative action based on those thoughts. Racism is deplorable, but it's not a crime to believe another person to be inferior. It is a crime to harm another person because one believes he or she is inferior. That's why Sisko didn't attempt to correct the Bajorans attitudes: he may not have agreed with them, but thoughts don't break the law: actions do. See the difference?

Sisko isn't a hypocrite because he's able to discern the difference between the two situations: he's simply being responsible.
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