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Re: Was I the only one who disliked Far Beyond the Stars?

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I didn't dislike the episode, I just didn't understand it. And I'm not talking about the social commentary. That was pretty obvious. What eluded me was why did the Prophets give Sisko a vision about 1953 New York when he started the episode depressed about the death of a friend? That particular plot point was brought up, but then went nowhere. The Prophets' motives seems incoherent in this one.
Their motives always have a random element to them. As if they just noticed something one day and swatted at it. I think they pulled that shit out of Sisko's brain and dumped him in it with as much purpose as you have patting a dog's head as it walks past you.

Oh and it's a wonderful episode. I so love watching it with people for the first time as they realize who Martok is etc.. and you can see the actors are having a great time with it.

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