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Does this look like Data to anyone else in Star Trek XII cryotube?


I think this is either Dr Arik Soong or an Augment ancestor of all the Soongs.

1 - Arik Soong was a brilliant doctor of genetics in the 22nd century. He believed that Humanity's abandonment of genetic engineering after the Eugenics Wars was a mistake, and hoped to show that genetically engineered Humans would not necessarily become tyrants like Khan Noonien Singh. He argued that the source of the problem wasn't, in fact, the technology, but Humanity's own inability to use it wisely.

2 - Brent Spiner desperately wanted to be in Star Trek XII

If the Soongs are descended from one of Khan's crew, it would explain Arik Soong's interest in the Augments and the Soong's genius.
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