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Re: SF Debris quick STID review [spoilers]

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Getting back to the topic, I think he brought up an interesting way the film could have ended. I also didn't see how Kirk really grew that much in this film, even though I know I was supposed to. I mean, it did seem like not doing the right thing paid off. I think the best example was how he lost command of his ship, gets busted down to cadet for it to learn something, and then almost immediately he's first officer and then captain again. That wasn't very much time to learn a lesson.
When Kirk was told by Marcus just to kill Khan, would the right thing to have done be to kill him? I mean Kirk was in trouble for not obeying orders - to learn anything he would have done as Marcus said and toed the line.

When he goes after Khan he tells Spock that Spock is the right person to be captain at that juncture that he is the one who needs to deal with Khan. Has he learnt anything there? Maybe

Really had Kirk done anything wrong except file incorrect reports? Maybe thats what he's learnt. Get your reports in synch. He certainly would save Spock and the pre-Warp planet again in the same circumstances but lie about it better
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