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Re: J.J. Abrams enters The Twilight Zone

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The Stargate shows were flashy, fun, and mediocre. They came and went without making a real impact on anything, despite generating an inordinate number of hours of television.

I daresay that Abrams has never made anything as negligible as Stargate.
I'd agree that there were many episodes that were mediocre, but there were also many that were intriguing and nearly on the level of Star Trek for captivating story lines.

And then there's SG-U, which I take it you didn't see. Many SG-1 fans don't even consider it a Stargate series, only having borrowed the Stargate device for occasional use. And while I appreciate that perspective, I think it also shortens the merits of SG-U. It was a ground breaking kind of show that really should have had a solid 4~6 seasons.

I don't mind Abrams doing some Twilight Zone work, as it's a pretty open ended kind of thing. So much sci-fi we see today has a little bit of Twilight Zone in it anyway.

I wouldn't mind seeing JJ Abrams re-doing Lost In Space as a TV series. Fun, humorous, and campy sci-fi premise but with impressive special effects.
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