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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness & The Bechdel Test

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In STID, her abilities get overshadowed by the men in the film. She speaks Klingon, but nothing comes of it, and then there's a fight where she and her cohorts are saved by the "bad guy." That quickly moves on to a whole thing with him and Kirk, and to me, her "contribution" is easily forgotten.
You completely ignore that all our Starfleet heroes needed to be "saved" by Khan.
No, that's what "cohorts" means. I think you're ignoring my point, but that's okay.

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Then, when she beams down to "help" Spock, who's fighting Khan, again, her contribution falls flat to me. She has to rely on her boyfriend to take the bad guy out because he's more than her phaser can handle.
No. She put him in a position from where it was possible for him to overcome Khan.

You also ignore the fact that Dr. Marcus saved Dr. McCoy's life.
I said she "helped." I also said it fell flat and stand by that.

And Dr. Marcus. She put him in that position in the first place and her "saving" him came off more as dumb luck than the skill of an intelligent scientist. I suspect that's because they played it for laughs, imo.

It was interesting to find from another thread that Nichele Nichols not knowing Klingon (in TUC?) was also an incompetence written and displayed for laughs, even though, from what I read, she and Leonard Nimoy objected because it didn't make sense for the Communications Officer at the time not to be fully in control of the Klingon language. It is what it is...
MA'AM. Hot damn, I can dig it.

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