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Re: Was I the only one who disliked Far Beyond the Stars?

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Well, you seem to have missed the point of not only much of Star Trek, but of science fiction in general.
Not really I get all the other episodes like Duet, in the pale moon light ect

It just a dont like this one. Just my personael prefrence really

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The best science fiction is supposed to explore not just the limits of space, the mind, or technology, but also explore the human condition in the process.
Yup I get that but to me true sci fi explores the human condition within the context of other sci fi thems otherwise it just the fi or fiction.

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It's supposed to examine real world issues through the lens of a futuristic or alternative setting
Well to me it fails on the fact its not useing a futuristic lens. Well not fail as its obviouly a popular episode but its why I dont like it.

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you can see that dealing with social issues has been a part of the franchise from the start.
As stated I understand that. I love other deep episodes just not this one.

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Star Trek, despite the futuristic setting, is ultimately about the human condition.
Then why bother with the future premise? Why bother then with the star part of star trek? Why not just set it on earth and have a series done on the aventures on Benny Russell?
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It's no accident that ST:TMP ended with this message:

Worst film to quote as its my secound least favorite
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